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Beverage Industry

Beverage Industry

Producers of Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, and Fruit Juices Water Treatment

- Treatment of service and well water

Raw Material Storerooms

- floors, walls, ceilings, drains
- transport containers, stacking containers
- filling plants


- floors, walls, ceilings, drains; mould control
- mixing devices, bottle washing installations
- sugar and raw material supplement
- filling plants and conveying equipment
- CIP installations (collected rinse water)
- equipment, machines, tools
- containers, pipelines
- working clothes

Delivery / Storage

- surfaces, containers, pipelines
- transport containers and vehicles
- conveying installations, filters
Cooling Plants / Air Conditioning Systems
- cooling systems, air washing devices, humidifiers, ventilation shafts

Incoming Raw Material

- floors, walls, ceilings, drains
- transport containers, cans
- stacking containers
- filling equipment

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Beverage Industry
Beverage Industry
Beverage Industry

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