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Effectiveness / Antimicrobial Effect

The antimicrobial effect of our products Disinfectants includes the complete range of micro-organisms .
The effectiveness of our products Disinfectants against numerous pathogens has been tested and confirmed in more than 250 assays carried out by well-known international institutions .
our products Disinfectants are effective against:
- Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
- Viruses, including bacterophagus
- Spore-forming organisms
- Yeast
- Fungi
- Mould
- Protozoa
our products Disinfectants are proven to be effective against:
Anthracis, Amoebae, Cholera, ECBO, Herpes, Hepatitis, HIV, Influenza, Avian Flu, Legionella (Legionnaires Disease), Listeria, Meningitis, MRSA, Mycoderins, Newcastle Disease, Polio, Pseudorabies, Tuberculosis, Vaccina, VRE, etc .
our products Disinfectants are effective against Biofilm:
our products Disinfectants are capable of destroying biofilm with the normal application concentration (i.e. without overdosing). This is an extremely important process everywhere where micro-organisms form so called biofilm as a protective coat. The oxygen released by the hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the biofilm thereby enabling the silver ions to eliminate the micro-organism unhindered .

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