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Purity 4 Description

Purity 4 Description

Purity “4” is a mixture of several disinfectants.
Is a highly effective disinfectant based on three active ingredients with two different action mechanisms, oxidation potential effect of stabilized H2O2 up to 48.5% and per acetic acid and Oligodynamic effect of silver ions – in addition to corrosion inhibitor food grade substances.

Peracetic acid: a strong oxidizing agent (classified after Ozone) able to penetrate organic maters and destroy microbes by oxidizing cell membrane and cytoplasm.

Hydrogen peroxide:
an oxidizing agent which is stabilized with silver for long term

Silver ions: have an Oligodynamic effect (covalent linkage with Microbial protein leads to protein precipitation & prevent DNA Duplication) - catalyst for Hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions have a synergetic effect as a disinfectant.
Advantages and properties of the purity4 disinfectants
- Universal range of application
- No gaps
- Long-term effect
- Hinders a renewed contamination
- No danger of bacterial resistance
- effective at water temperatures of 0°C -95°C
- effectiveness and long-term effect are guaranteed even at high water Temperatures
- no danger in case of overdosing
- does not create any odor
- has no toxic effect in its diluted state
- no carcinogenic or mutagenic effect
- in its diluted state it does not cause irritation to skin, eyes and mucous membranes
- does not alter the taste of foodstuffs treated
- no need to rinse after application
- neutralization after use not necessary
- practically not detrimental to waste water and environment
- does not enter into chemical combination with any other chemical element
- the  PH value is not alter by the application in the recommended concentration
- storage of up to years possible
- own measuring and regulating equipment
- all raw material and equipment suppliers as well as well as the purity4
- manufacturing plants satisfy the norms ISO 9001
- VAH/DGHM certificate

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Purity 4 Description
Purity 4 Description
Purity 4 Description
Purity 4 Description
Purity 4 Description

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